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About the CPQR

Highlights and News

  • The COMP Quality Assurance and Radiation Safety Committee has just approved the final version of the TQC Guideline on Data Management Systems.  View this, and the rest of the Technical Quality Control Suite.
  • Want to see where we’ve made a difference?  Our Report Card 2012-2017 highlights our achievements and shows you where we’ve made our biggest impacts in radiation treatment quality and safety!

Our Activities


We focus on:

Our program priorities have been developed by the CPQR Steering Committee in close consultation with clinical practitioners, cancer program leaders, provincial cancer agencies and international collaborators. We believe that these priority areas offer the greatest potential to improve quality and safety and mitigate risks.

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Our Steering Committee


A priority for CPQR has been to raise awareness about radiation treatment quality and safety and to generate a sense of urgency to motivate change through continuous quality improvement. The CPQR Steering Committee has been structured to support this objective, with national thought leaders from each of the professions involved in radiation treatment – radiation oncology, medical physics and radiation therapy. Recognizing that much of the work undertaken by CPQR requires support and input from provincial cancer agencies, CPQR also includes representation from the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies.  Two patient representatives are also included to ensure that CPQR programs, and strategic priorities address the needs of patients and their families.

Full membership information is available in the About Us page of our website.

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