CPQR Programs

Ensuring safe and high quality radiation treatment



Ensuring safe and high quality radiation treatment has been, and continues to be, at the forefront of CPQR work.  Looking towards the future, CPQR has established a comprehensive set of priorities that both build and sustain existing programs, and look to push the Canadian quality and safety agenda farther.



In July 2017 CPQR released detail of its new priority programs. These programs will build on prior investment over the past five years to enhance the value of existing programs to both the Canadian radiation treatment and broader cancer control communities.  It will also explore the value, potential challenges and feasibility of implementing three new priority programs.  A summary of these new programs can be found below and more detail will follow soon!

  • Equitable access to radiation treatment across Canada;
  • Patterns of radiation treatment practice across Canada; and
  • Patient reported outcomes to guide clinical care and pan-Canadian radiation treatment system performance improvement.

Details of these new programs will be released in June 2017!  In the meantime, CPQR remains committed to enhancing the usefulness of existing programs

  1. Quality Assurance Guidance – Making sure our programs work
  2. Technical Quality Control – Making sure our equipment and technologies work
  3. National System for Incident Reporting – Radiation Treatment – Learning from our mistakes
  4. Patient Engagement – Creating and supporting best practices for patient involvement in care, radiation treatment programs and the cancer system

Recognizing the strength of its partnership with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), CPQR work continues to align with the themes set forth in the CPAC Strategic Plan specifically within the following priority areas:

  • Quality
  • Equity
  • Seamless patient experience
  • Maximize data impact
  • Sustainable system


Now more than ever, quality, safety, and system performance improvement play critical roles in radiation treatment planning and delivery, given the increasing complexity and rapid pace of technological change and innovation.  In addition to the above priorities, CPQR commits to continually monitor the pan-Canadian and international landscapes, and to incorporate a “nimble” system that facilitates responsiveness to new and emerging opportunities.

CPQR work reflects a core set of quality, safety and system performance improvement priorities that align with the priorities of our founding partners, and the broader radiation treatment community.  These priorities will be considered when establishing a map for future work.

Success Factors

Sustainability of existing and developing programs is grounded in a robust and continuous evaluation process.  Specific measures will be incorporated into CPQR programs to ensure successful implementation in the short, mid, and long term.