Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning

Variability in radiation treatment prescribing practice can support individualized treatment, however it may also be a result of doctors being slow to adopt new treatment evidence into their practice, or may reflect region-to-region differences in the availability of new technologies, or expertise in new and often complex treatment techniques.

CPQR plans to evaluate the feasibility of utilizing an online platform to aggregate and analyse radiation treatment plan information for quality assurance purposes.  Working with the PRO Working Group, the CPQR Treatment Planning Working Group will identify radiation treatment programs to participate in the pilot and link the treatment plan information to PROs on a national level.  This dual approach of analytical investment will provide a broader indication of system-level learning opportunities.

What is CPQR’s approach?

CPQR has established a process to demonstrate the value and feasibility of obtaining, sharing and aggregating anonymized radiation treatment plan data from patients across Canada to harmonize practice and improve quality, cancer system performance and population-based learning.  It includes the following end-points:

  • Identify a CPQR Treatment Plan Evaluation working group
  • Identify early-adopter programs with geographical distribution to act as possible pilot sites to champion the collection and analysis of radiation treatment plan information.
  • Establish program-level guidelines for the collection, sharing, aggregating and analyzing of radiation treatment plan information for patients receiving curative and palliative radiotherapy
  • Evaluate the cost of program-level infrastructure and of personnel for collecting, sharing, aggregating and analyzing radiation treatment plan information
  • Develop harmonized treatment plan nomenclature for the pilot clinical site to enable seamless data sharing and analysis based on literature review

What are the long-term objectives?

To assure that radiation treatment planning and delivery is linked with patient reported outcomes (PROs), CPQR will lay the foundation for implementing pan-Canadian collection and analysis and promote the enhancement of system-level processes to share clinical and radiation treatment information.  Through improved understanding of patient values and needs, we can then endorse timely, comprehensive patient education during the treatment trajectory. Through inclusive decision making, the provision of guidelines and thorough educational resources will further adherence to Accreditation Canada’s Cancer Care standards.