Programmatic Quality

Quality Assurance Guidance

Making sure the program and processes work


An early focus of CPQR was the development of guidelines and key quality indicators (KQIs) outlining the overarching organizational structures and processes that are required to assure high quality and safe radiotherapy.

 Recognizing the importance of this work, Accreditation Canada partnered with CPQR in 2014 to expand its Cancer Care Standards module to include key indicators for radiation treatment program quality and safety, which now includes aspects of the QRT guideline.  Auditing against these new standards commenced in January 2017.

Evolution of QRT 

April 2011 CPQR releases the first version of Quality Assurance Guidelines for Canadian Radiation Treatment Programs
September 2013 A second version is released reflecting a comprehensive multi-stakeholder validation process using a modified-Delphi approach.  The version assured that Key Quality Indicators were comprehensive, relevant, evidence based and measurable.
December 2015 A third version is released that reflects alignment with the new Accreditation Canada Cancer Standards.
March 2020 After undergoing an extensive pan-Canadian program audit, CPQR has released a fourth (and current) version. The new version reflects advancements in quality and safety activity in Canadian radiation treatment programs, provides new progressive indicator measures, 2 new key quality indicators to support optimal staffing of radiation treatment programs and the introduction of peer review of palliative radiotherapy plans.

Organization in Charge

CAPCA and CPQR are pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2021, CPQR will become a standing committee within CAPCA. This is an important step to sustaining radiation treatment quality improvement advances made over the last 10 years, improving clinical outcomes through radiation treatment innovation and strengthening system performance.

CAPCA’s new Canadian Partnership for Quality Radiotherapy Committee (CPQR-C) will serve as a pan-Canadian radiation treatment network hub and provide direct stewardship of programmatic quality guidance. Recognizing the importance of collaborating with professionals involved in front line radiation treatment planning and delivery, CPQR-C will engage radiation oncologists, medical physicists and radiation therapists to ensure continued relevance within the community.  It will also work with the CARO Quality and Standards Committee to enhance benchmarking and self-auditing initiatives.


The current version of Quality Assurance Guidelines for Canadian Radiation Treatment Programs (QRT) is used by almost every radiation treatment program in Canada and sets a benchmark in program improvement.


In 2020, a self-audit tool was released allowing radiation treatment programs to evaluate their compliance with the QRT guidelines. For a full list of all self-audit tools available, please visit our self-audit page.