Radiation Treatment Program Self-Auditing Tools

Radiation Treatment Program Self-Auditing Tools

Evaluating program compliance

CPQR is a leader and trusted partner in quality improvement initiatives for radiation treatment. We provide current and practical guidance and support to radiation treatment programs on key aspects of quality and safety.

A core component of this work is supporting incremental improvements in local quality and safety based on guidance contained in our suite of guidelines. In 2020, CPQR launched a suite of self-audit tools to assist programs in assessing their compliance with these guidelines. The tools can be used an unlimited number of times.

Program Level Self Audit Tools
Hint: Access the guidelines themselves from our TQC page or within the self-audit tool!

Programmatic Quality

Quality Assurance Guidelines for Canadian Radiation Treatment Programs (QRT) v4QRT

Technical Quality Control

Accelerator integrated cone beam systems for verification imagingACB.2015.04.02
Brachytherapy remote afterloadersBRA.2015.06.02
Conventional radiotherapy simulatorsCRS.2015.06.02
Computed tomography simulatorsCTS.2016.07.02
Low dose rate permanent seed brachytherapyLDR.2013.04.01
Magnetic Resonance ImagingMRI.2020.05.01
Major dosimetry equipmentMDE.2015.02.02
Medical linear accelerators and multi-leaf collimatorsMLA.2016.07.03
Positron Emission Tomography – Computed Tomography (PET-CT) PET.2021.03.01
Treatment planning systemsTPS.2015.06.02


Patient Education Guidance for Canadian Radiation Treatment ProgramsPED
Patient Engagement Guidance for Canadian Radiation Treatment ProgramsPEG
Guidance on the use of Patient Reported Outcomes for Canadian Radiation Treatment ProgramsPRO